FC BrewHaHa 2005
July 17th, 2005 vs. Sempreverdi
3-4 Loss

Mike: So the first thing everybody noticed about this game was that it was hot. Damn hot. So hot that I think approximately 50% of my brain melted, which unfortunately was also the same part of my brain that I usually use to remember what happens during the game, so this is going to be pretty sketchy.

We started the game down by a goal. The refs awarded Sempreverdi a goal because we are just so darned handsome/beautiful, and frankly I'm not really sure we can blame them. We played hard, and they are a better team that we've played the last few weeks. I'm fairly certain that the first half ended with us still down 0-1, because I think I remember being pointed the other direction when we scored all of our goals. At half-time everybody was very sweaty, except Lucy who managed to stay quite comfortable sleeping away in her little house, even with all that black fur.

Second half things really got going with a flurry of goals. Their short little mexican players started to cause problems for us, as we became tired from general lack of subs and not enough recovery time since All-You-Can-Eat ribs last monday. Arthur didn't even make it to the game he ate so many ribs. I think they scored first, making it 0-2. We replied via Thomas, who I am told scored an extremely pretty goal from the left hand side. I was personally busy chatting about game-related stuff with the sidelines, so I missed it. So maybe 1-2 now. Did we tie it next? DiCarlo picked up one of his patented long ball and just run like hell moves, and managed to elude the goalie and several Luca's. (Fun Fact: 50% of their team is named Luca. 50% of their team is male. You do the math!) He put a nice shot in and I'm going to pretend we tied the game at this point.

Then I kind of missed the ball, and took out one of their little guys. In my defense he was extremely small (buck-twenty tops), and went down really easy. He flew 10 yards through the air in order to land inside the 18 (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and the ref called a PK. Well clearly the ref is a bit of a tool. And honestly I thwacked him outside the box, but whatever. The other little dude up front put a nice shot in, making it 2-3. Then awhile later they scored off a small melee involving several of our players and the cross-bar. No, that doesn't seem right at all. Because I also remember they scored on a nice low cross from our left side, but I think they only scored 4 goals. So somewhere along the lines I messed up this summary pretty badly.

Anyways, it's getting late in the game, and Jayson draws a free kick just outside the box after one of the Luca's trips him up (and then proceeds to whine about it quite a bit. Boy do those Luca's whine! This is why we don't play B division, aka B-itching division) We get the ball all set up, and the ref blows the whistle to start the play. Thomas then proceeds to make the play of the game, moving the ball approximately 1/16th of an inch. Well needless to say the goalie and 2 or 3 Luca's completely freak out. The goalie is so distracted that he doesn't even start his diving save until several seconds after the ball is in the back of the net. We should really remember that play in the future!

Overall we played pretty well, and a few different bounces the game could have gone the other way. Not too shabby though against a B team.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Thomas from Mike from Jeff (probably, there was some confusion here)
  2. Jeff from Mike
  3. Jayson (via Thomas)