FC BrewHaHa 2005
July 31th, 2005 vs. Falcons
3-0 Win

Mike: Okay, I really just want to point out that when Brian emailed me the summary, he kept referring to the Falcons as the Tornados. So I went ahead and fixed all that, but I wanted to maintain at least some of his shame for all posterity. In fairness to Brian, both teams have been jerks to us in the past, but this year they were both quite pleasant to play against.

Brian: A 12:15 game against the B-league Falcons, who we have never beaten, but have slowly done better against since the frustrating 6-0 loss a couple of years back.

We had most of our team, and Jen cheering from the side as she showed off her soft cast and talked about the plate that is now part of her arm after surgery last week. (Mike: I'd love to post some X-ray pics!)

Falcons had already played a game at 10:30am. Just as well - they pass very well. Fortunately we hustled, and made some good plays of our own. The first half was probably highlighted by some great defensive plays by Mike, Donna and Daniel (The "new" guy, finally back!) Gael had a nice tip-save on an accurate long shot they had. We had a few good chances too, with good hustle up the wings by Susan, Marie and Jeannette, but went into the half 0-0.

They switched goalies for the second half - a terrible miscalculation. Early on, Marie took a pass from Arthur & Laura [Mike-is that right (Mike: Yes!)] and shot it over the goalie as he came out. It easily went in, though kudos to DiCarlo for chasing it down to make sure.

Mike impressed all with outstanding hustle by skating in and making a steal behind their net. He passed to the wide-open Brian for an easy goal. Nice hustle Mike. [Okay, the astute amonst you will realize that that play happened last Tuesday in our hockey game.]

DiCarlo soon tried to repeat Marie's over-the-goalie move, but alas it went just wide. A bit later Jeff beat their last defender, and was taken down for a penalty kick. Arthur reluctantly took the kick, and made no mistake, burying it low and to the right.

They got progressively more tired. Marie took a good hard shot from the left, which trickled over to DiCarlo for our third goal, and the game ended 3-0.

Mike: What, no mention of my 5 botched kicks in a row? Play like that must be rewarded with recognition! In order to attempt to save some pride, and convince you all that I don't really suck, I have included a picture of the offending cleats:

Okay, I'm also now 100% convinced that we really need to include some relevant pictures with these summaries! Somebody bust out the digicam and start taking some pics at the games already!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Marie from Arthur and Laura
  2. Arthur (PK)
  3. Jeff from Marie and Brian