FC BrewHaHa 2005
August 7th, 2005 vs. Rhythm & Blues
5-0 Win

Pictures from the game!

Brian: An 8:30am game. The unsung hero of this game may be Daniel, who found a guy with the key to unlock the goal posts so that we actually could play. And then to those who dragged them across the field, all before R&B had half their team here.

Mike: Daniel is 100% of the Hero of all 5 games at Gunn yesterday. Because without his quick thinking we would have been severely screwed. Personally, I was too busy worrying about getting the porty-john open, and a little concerned that I had wasted 5 good bathroom trips already that day if we weren't going to get to play, but level-headed Portuguese thinking ruled the day.

Brian: The game started a bit slowly. Some FCB players were quoted with lines such as "C'mon Orange, let's up the intensity." R&B had some nice passing, mostly amongst their women, but our defense was solid. The scoring began when DiCarlo chased down a ball that was in the right corner and made a great cross to Jeannette, who was 10 feet from the goal line. Jeannette could have easily fired the ball into the net, with plenty of space, but elected instead to pass it off one of their players to Laura. Although Laura thought about passing it back, she instead tucked it in the right side for a "great hustle" goal.

DiCarlo didn't stop there. Soon afterward after a corner kick, Susan passed back to him. He took a good hard shot/pass across the goal, which deflected off Brian's foot and in just below the crossbar. (A "deflection" is a common term used in hockey. Ask Mike or Brian for details.) That made it 2-0.

We got a bit comfortable with the lead, but played generally well. One point - I think we connected more on our throw-ins all game. Partly we weren't crowding the area near the throw-in, and partly we were just going up the line when in doubt. They had one great shot from well outside the 18 from one of their women, but Gael quickly realized it was going to hit the crossbar so let it go. Seeing that we are a bit tired, Dave decided to come in near the end of the first half, but seemed to forget who he was coming in for. Lucy, much more restrained, decided to wait until half-time to play.

Arthur joined us for the second half, sporting a very fine haircut, but alas his usual striped shorts. Ramsey started out at center-mid, and didn't let the opportunity slip away. On a *great* cross from Marie, Ramsey confidently put an easy shot in, short side to the left to make it 3-0. There were several more close opportunities for the Thomas-Marie-Ramsey-Laura combination. Laura got taken down a couple of times by their defender - fortunately she was okay - and almost scored again.

Thomas finally got a goal on a breakaway after a pass from Marie. Now DiCarlo has lots of strategies on a breakaway, but I think can take a page from Thomas here. Instead of trying some fancy move, Thomas just used sheer intimidation and shot the ball straight at the goal.

Oh and there were the header attempts. Well done team! Vasey had one. Then Jeff put one toward the net, but from about 20 yards out. Thomas narrowly missed a header from a corner kick to the right of the goal. R&B, on the other hand requested Jeff to clean the ball before his corner kick because "somebody might have to head it."

Mike: What's the rule here? Do we really have to listen to these guys? And a little bit presumptuous, assuming that they are going to get to the ball first, especially when we were already up by a few at this point. Wimp! Sand and grit in your eyes will only make you tougher!

Brian: We made it 5-0 after a good long pass from Heather to Brian, who managed to beat the goalie and barely put it in of the post. At the other end, Gael showed his dominance, even outside the 18 against their slightly out of control #4. And Mike's new cleats held out well all game.

Sadly at the end of the game Donna announced that she does still plan to attend Law School in Kansas City, starting Wednesday. We will miss your strong defense Donna.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Laura from Jeannette and Jeff
  2. Brian from Jeff and Susan
  3. Ramsey from Marie and Erin
  4. Thomas from Marie
  5. Brian from Heather