FC BrewHaHa 2005
August 14th, 2005 vs. Parallele
1-3 Loss

Mike: Well, like I said after the game, we killed three birds with one stone on this one. First of all, we very generously granted Parallele their first victory of the season. That's right, they hadn't actually won before, but considering their good players were subs, well I guess that isn't surprising. Secondly, we just really helped our case for not being forced to go into B division next year. I'm still trying to think of what I meant by three birds, so you'll have to settle for those two.

The first half really wasn't our best. However, just before the game, we had already won a battle. I took the coin toss (victorious!), but before doing so Lou (the head ref, and guy who is on a big power trip and really does a crappy job), says to me "you guys are home team." I assured him we were not, and he insisted, and this went back and forth awhile before he pulled out his schedule to stick it to me. Well, he wasn't happy with what he saw. FC BrewHaHa: 1 - Lou: 0

But back to the game, where we had a bit of trouble manning the middle. They got plenty of space, and eventually took advantage of it with a shot from 20 yards out. Everything looked fine with Gael poised to make the save until the ball took a bounce and sailed clear over Gael into the net. This is probably why Gael always tells us to take more shots. They scored again on a bit of a scramble, to go up 2-0. I don't really remember all that much else about the first half except for Boris. This is the guy who stunk of B.O., and was a real ass. Good job Bea for kicking him when he was down (my hockey coach always used to say that was the best time). He didn't know about the slide tackling rule, but to be fair neither did Ref Lou, until I reminded him about it. But I will congratulate Boris for spinning the wheels of his car and laying rubber in the parking lot after the game. He clearly has an exceedingly large penis.

But I digress. I'm going to sum it the rest of the first half with a great picture taken by my lovely wife Juniper:

As you can tell, we weren't exactly at the top of our most organized and exemplary form. But the second half was a lot better, with quite a bit of help from Marie in the middle. We still didn't threaten as much in their end as I would have liked but they didn't have nearly the chances they had in the first half. Sadly, they did manage to squeeze one more in, on their third not-so-great goal of the day. We were also treated to some great remarks about had bad Boris' stench really was, and some incomprehensible ramblings from their "girlie-man" forward. After the game Erin asked me if he was poking fun at herself, Gael or me, and honestly I'm really not sure. But we appreciate the effort buddy!

What else... Jeff had a bit of a collision with one of their defenders, and hopefully didn't re-injure his foot too badly (see last week's pictures from the original injury). And we finally managed to get one in just before the buzzer. Marie sent in a perfect cross on a corner kick, and I was clever enough to be standing in the right place to allow it to bounce off my head and in. Unfortunately it was too late to get a rally mounted, and the game ended 1-3. So check out some other amusing pictures:

What is Arthur doing to this guy?

Mike exacts his revenge!

I also want to give thanks to our subs, Dana and Matt who played for us. Nice to be able to put 11 on the field! And of course Jen was there watching again, and I promised her a few more people on the sidelines this coming week to keep her company.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Mike from Marie