FC BrewHaHa 2005
August 21st, 2005 vs. Team Advil
4-1 Win

Brian: An early game, where we got to experience again one of many possible reasons that water shortages occur in some places - massive overwatering of the field. We had an entire team present before Advil even got there.

Mike: The swamp had a pretty bad smell too. I had just subbed off so I could go take a poop in the Porta-Potty, when Bea came in and said to the ref "Doesn't it smell over here?". She tried to make it sound like she was just talking about the field, but there was a pretty clear double-entendre in there.

Brina: It took a bit of time for us to get going. But ultimately Jayson made a nice pass to Thomas for a perfect shot to the upper left corner to make it 1-0. Despite plenty of pressure - shots from Marie, Susan, Brian, Vasey, Grant, we didn't manage to score again in the first half. Some points to note - when taking throw-ins, keep both feet on the ground, start with the ball behind your head, and move your hands forward at the same rate (no twisting). Okay, if you're Erin... well we'll save that for later.

Early in the second half, we got two goals - one was Mike on a lob shot that the goalie couldn't quite reach, and the other was Thomas, left all alone in front of the goal. Thomas easily beat the goalie. Photos of all these events should be available courtesy of Jeff, who was resting the injured foot for next week.

Now there were a lot of great efforts in this game that deserve mention: Bea repeatedly frustrating Spanky by taking the ball or just slowing him down. Gion made a triumphant return, and along with Jayson brought a new level of ball control to our defense. Bea, trying to fit into the new system was heard saying, "It's fine until you pass to me." Okay, that was probably in the first half. But every now and then you just have to brag, and I would like everyone to remember that chest trap I made next time I take one in the neck or miss it completely.

This part for last is detailed, so I've paraphrased a bit. Basically I had the dumb idea of passing to Jayson inside our 18. He got called for a ridiculous obstruction and PK. As Advil pointed out, we were up 3-0 at this point, so we should just shut up. Well we had a bit to say. At any rate, they put a good player to take the kick, but Gael stops it easily. From Gael, [with accent] "The kick was not very hard, and not very far away from me."

However, bozo ref, who barely ever makes any call decides his day in the sun has come, and calls Gael for moving before the kick. Now it turns out the goalie *IS* allowed to move along the line. Gael calmly discussed this with the refs, and I think Jeff captured this brief moment on film as well. Advil pointed out that we were still up 3-0 - very astute. The same player put a better kick in to make it 3-0

Mike: We totally have it all on film. And Gael 100% did not move away from his line. The ref was completely wrong, but does that really surprise anybody?

Brian: Back to throw ins. If in doubt, throw it down the line. Gion did this well, and they kicked it out. Not to be outdone, Erin picked up the ball and threw down the line to Mike. Marie gets credit for telling Mike to chase the ball, which he did. Mike got past the defense and beat the goalie, quite smoothly (especially compared with incident below).

Mike: Marie gets a lot of credit. Because if she hadn't said something I would probably still be standing there with my head up my butt. I get a little lost on forward sometimes. But not as lost as center-midfield. Boy that's a tricky position.

Brian: However, *NOTHING* in this game comes close to Mike's flying flop. He had some explanation of what he was trying to do, but it basically looked like some gymnasics maneuver culminating with the landing in the pike position on his butt. Ask Mike to show you.

Mike: Previous paragraph censored because it contained lies and fabrications. I actually had a great move all planned out in my head. Really. Back to our normal programming. Anybody want to talk about my two goals some more?

Brian: Okay - good game everyone. Big weekend next week. Eat, sleep, drink fluids, think soccer.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Thomas from Jayson
  2. Thomas from Marie
  3. Mike from Susan
  4. Mike from Erin