FC BrewHaHa 2005
August 27th, 2005
Tournament Day 1

FC BrewHaHa 3, Rhythm & Blues 0

Brian: An early start, setting up the nets, and it should be mentioned that Arthur and I both beat Mike to the field (barely). We suited up, Mike declining to use a chair since he "can't suit up while sitting in a chair."

Mike: I can't! There's no shame in that. And I blame the "late" arrival on the fact that I hit every single red light between my place and Gunn. Brian and Arthur took Alma/Central, which clearly made the difference.

Brian: R&B had a couple of ringers, and the Survivor twin, who, we decided after much discussion, has lost quite a bit of her soccer ability. [I often wonder if the other teams read our web site? If so, we really love you all. Okay, most of you, see below]

Jeff scored an early goal on a nice little pass in from Susan, which their goalie misjudged. Jeff: "When I heard the goalie say, 'Oh @#$@!!' I figured we had it." Once our earlybirds wore them down a bit, the scoring line of Erin/Grant/Thomas came on and scored in roughly that order - a nice pass across from Grant to Thomas. Jayson scored soon afterward on a good shot to the far side of the goal. We controlled much of the second half with pretty strong play.

After the game, Bea presented Mike with our gifts of appreciation for his hard work organizing the team - folding chairs and a tent shelter, which was soon set up at Terman.

Mike: Aforementioned chair-related issues aside, thank you very much to everyone for the wonderful gifts! The tent especially is something I've thought of buying for years now, and glad that we have finally got around to having one. We were clearly the coolest team at the tournament (in addition to being best-looking, which we always are), with the addition of a tent to our arsenal. Unofficialy record erection time: 14 seconds. That's tent-erection, you sickos!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jeff from Susan and Marie
  2. Thomas from Grant and Erin
  3. Jayson from Thomas and Jeannette

FC BrewHaHa 2, Geezers 0

Brian: The Geezers have seemingly acquired another Brit, who is quick and talented. It proved to be a hard-fought game, with thanks to many people for helping out in the middle - Heather, Erin, Julie, to name a few - when playing the midfield feels like being the ball in a pinball game.

Mike: I should mention that these guys are Irish. That may still qualify them as being "Brits", but I certainly don't want to unnecessarily offend any English or Scottish people who may be reading this!

Brian: We had some good early chances - the hustle of Grant pressuring the goalie gave Jeannette an almost-goal, but went a couple of inches wide. Grant had a few good shots, and Marie also. Finally Susan had the foresight to pass off one of their players to Jeff, who went in for the goal.

It was the usual Geezer effort - good ball handling, quite a few shots, and O'Malley whining. I probably shouldn't have told him so vocally to grow up after his delay tactics on a free kick - sorry.

Mike: O'Rooney? O'Riley? O'Shea? O'Donell? O'Connelly?

Brian:They pressured hard for the first part of the second half, and things were looking tough. But our D, played hard - Bea and Gion solid on respective sides, and Mike shutting their guy down. Gael said he didn't face too many shots, but was also solid. We eventually went up 2-0 after Jeff got up above everyone and made a nice header into the corner of the goal that their goalie couldn't quite get to.

A good game everyone.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jeff from Susan and Erin
  2. Jeff from Susan and Brian

FC BrewHaHa 1, Falcons 2

Brian: The B-league falcons were a lot tougher than when they played us as their 2nd of two games in one day during the season.

They had one very talented forward amongst many somewhat talented players, though Mike rightly pointed out that his shorts clashed. Falcons do give'n'go passes very well, and pressured us throughout.

They did score on some random string of long passes, and a good shot. Suffice to say that Gael got to make plenty of great saves. On the field, I think we played pretty well for us, though it felt demoralizing at times. We hustled hard for the ball, and didn't give up.

Early in the second half Jayson pressed their goalie, stole a ball and got past him to put it into the empty net. We held the 1-1 tie for a long time, and seemed to be doing well. However, their good forward got free for a shot and put one in to make it 2-1, how the game ended. We had several chances near the end of the game, perhaps the best was Julie getting a loose ball after a cross, but alas, missing just high.

Mike: Well at least their good forward with the bad fashion sense was friendly. And he freely admitted that he really just got lucky on the first goal, and it went in off his knee (and my thigh). But I don't so much mind guys that are friendly and good. So that's okay.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jayson from Jeff and Mike