FC BrewHaHa 2005
August 27th, 2005
Tournament Day 2

FC BrewHaHa 1, Teal Dweebs 1

Brian: Grr. The Dweebs started out taunting us that they just wanted a tie. We were a bit slow, and not too much happened, except the usual FCB-Dweebs back and forth ping-pong match. We did have many more opportunities than they, but didn't capitalize.

Some time in the 2nd half, they managed to score on a direct free kick outside the box. A high shot just found the corner. We quickly evened it up on a nice cross from the right side ala Marie, which Thomas headed in. We pressed hard, but never broke the tie. Dweebs have a few fast defenders, though they complain that Jeff is "illegal."

Mike: Classic Dweebs tomfoolery. The mean do all the trash-talking, and the women do all the work. Talks are already underway to negotiate the signing of Kathy to our squad for next year, though Redsocks assures me they have her under a seven year deal. We'll see about that. Speaking of our (my?) arch-nemesis, it was nice to see Redocks back on the field after missing him for the last couple years. It was even nicer to see that the injury to his head I delivered all those years back is finally starting to take effect! Dweebs if you are reading this, we love you!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Thomas from Marie and Brian

FC BrewHaHa 3, Quicksilver 0

Brian: Despite new uniforms, Quicksilver are all but fast. They make some nice passes and moves, but not a whole heck of a lot more. The big news of this game, unfortunately was Jeannette taking a weird fall and hurting her knee. The Geezers' team doc helped her, and while that was happening I think Jeff scored from Jayson?

In the second half we came out hard. Quicksilver didn't seem to appreciate when they kicked the ball off forward and left it that we went in and took it. I have no idea what rule book prevents this, but oh well. Erin had a nice discussion with one of the guys, whose wife said she was going to come after Erin. Erin replied that she'd take on them both, or something. I wish I'd heard that story.

Mike: Well if there's anybody on our team that I don't want to meet in a steel cage match, it's definitely Erin. Forget about it! Good luck to that Quicksilver "girl" and her husband, they are going to need it! (And what was with that kick-off thing anyways? Did they just forget to play the ball or what?)

Brian: Anyway, Jayson managed to score two nice goals for us, showing control on breakaways that we don't always have. 3-0 got us the maximum points, which we needed. Sadly, by the end of the game Gion had a groin injury as well. Gion played hard, mostly at Defense all tournament, and we certainly appreciate the strong play.

Mike: The game did indeed take its toll on us. Let's all say a prayer on behalf of Slowsilver that they don't meet us during the season next year where we will be sure to exact our revenge!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jeff From Jayson and Katie
  2. Jayson from Jeff
  3. Jayson from Grant and Marie

FC BrewHaHa 2, Big Happy Team Too 0

Mike: Our performance in the previous five games earned us a spot in the finals. Even with a win and a tie, we still managed to accumulate 34 points, narrowly edging out Big Happy Team Too with 33 and thwarting all efforts on behalf of the Dweebs to prevent our advancement to the finals. Parallele (pronounced Pair-a-lay-lay, kind of like ukelele), was pretty annoyed at all this, coming in third with 31 points. In their own words, "fuck" and "shit". But I'm glad we didn't have to play them, because they aren't very nice. And Boris is a real, well, choose whatever word you want here. Not to mention he smells bad.

Brian: The Happy team had just played Geezers to a 0-0 tie, but had a rest and suited up to meet us at 3:30 for a hot game. We did control most of this game. Some nice hustle from Erin got us a corner kick, which Marie sent nicely to Grant for a header and goal. We continue to pressure them, and they just didn't have a lot of offense, tired from their last game.

Mike: Sure, they may have suited up for 3:30, but the refs suited up for 4:00. Bozos! So we ended up kicking off at 3:45 for some inane reason which I can't quite comprehend, but it's my general belief that the refs wanted and extra 15 minutes to sober up.

Brian: In the second half, we continued to control most of the game, but didn't quite connect for a while. Finally Jeff took a nice short corner kick to Erin, who passed back. Jeff sent a low cross bouncing through the middle that Ramsey volleyed in to make it 2-0. I have no more details on this game really, except that the Red-head who wouldn't play C because he had trouble toning-down his play for the C level shouldn't worry about toning down.

Mike: In fairness to that redhead, it was actually another redhead who made that remark. But in fairness to Brian, all redheads look the same to me too. We had some great play in this game, and really Big Happy was just too tired to face us. They gave it a good run for awhile, but once we went up 2-0 they really just gave up. I think it was the 3:45 start that did them in. Playing on sweeper for most of the game it was one of the quietest games of the season. Chalk one up to our conditioning! Must have been that practice we had. On another bad note, Grant pulled up with a hamstring injury late in the first half. Three injuries in the last two games, no good.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Grant from Marie
  2. Ramsey from Jeff and Erin