FC BrewHaHa 2005
August 27th, 2005
Post-Tournament Shenanigans

Brian: After the game, Mike suggested the unthinkable, that there is a non-zero chance he may move away. Those of you with connections in biotech companies, time to start creating a good, high-paying job that will allow Mike to purchase a house with pool near the field.

Mike: We're talking 3 bedroom + bonus room, 2.5 baths, nice kitchen and a yard without too much gardening crap involved. Talk to Juniper for more details.

Brian: Seriously, we do owe a lot to Mike over the last 6 years for running the show. I certainly look forward to playing with such a great group of people every week, and year. Finally, the rough summaries cannot do justice to how much we've improved, and just how much fun this season was.

Mike: I have to agree with Brian and it's really incredible how much everyone has improved individually, and how we've improved as a team. I like to think it's because everyone enjoys playing for FC BrewHaHa, and I sure hope that if/when I do move, the team will carry on strong. I need a good reason to come back for the tournament after all!

Brian: Okay, we're not done. Finally the Coronas were opened, and it was a good show. Highlights were learning more about the Dweebs:

  1. Jeff "Red-Socks" really thinks his socks aren't red.
  2. Dweebs complain repeatedly that DiCarlo is too fast.
  3. When it was time to go, Dweebs showed us their Lantern. Heck, they're probably still at the field. Good deal!

Mike: I want to point out that this wasn't even a really nice lantern. This was like the 5$, Target brand camping lantern, that probably has one of those lights in it that makes you look at sickly and pale. Arthur was not impressed! And a few more tidbits on the Dweebs:

  1. Redsocks' name is Jeff, and he works for HP. DiCarlo's name is also Jeff, and he also works for HP. That's kind of creepy.
  2. Hank has a crush on Julie. No kidding, if I'm not mistaken (and I rarely am when it comes to women, ask Juniper), he was putting some serious moves on her. Jeff (DiCarlo) was not impressed with Hank's "game". (let me clarify, not impressed as in not worried or not concerned. Jeff isn't a jealous husband like I am!)
  3. Redsocks is convinced that the only time his socks were ever red was when he was bleeding profusely from the head, and they absorbed all his blood. No, I'm noy buying it

Brian: No, we're still not done. DiCarlo, deciding that Erin's dog Dave was too fast, agreed for the footrace with Brian that Mike forbade during our early season practice. In the first heat, DiCarlo seemed to be cruising to a win, but talking smack got his shirt grabbed, and Brian easily won. In the second heat, the cocky DiCarlo gave Brian an 18 yard head start, which proved to be a little much even for "Illegal DiCarlo" to make up. Ah, victory is sweet!

Mike: I saw it all with my own two eyes (and I hadn't been drinking at all!) Brian beat Jeff fair and square in both races, and is the newly crowned "Fastest Man on FC BrewHaHa." If anybody has any ideas for a new title for Jeff, it would be appreciated. He looked a little down after the second race.

Brian: Thanks everyone for a great season, again. Thanks to all our fans. Finally, to the many casualties, we hope that you are better soon.

Mike: Thanks indeed, to everyone who made the season great, who played for us and who cheered us on. And a special thanks to everyone who stayed and had fun at the BBQ, which is something that we didn't always do in past year. We set a new FC BrewHaHa team record with myself, Brian and Arthur staying until 8 PM. It wasn't quite dark yet, so the lantern wasn't on, but it was definitely dusk and the Dweebs were impressed. And if there's anything sweeter in life than impressing the Dweebs, I don't know what it is. Still, we're going to have to give the final victory on this one to the Dweebs, 0-1. (Note: previous incarnations of this page suggested that we stayed until 8 AM, not 8 PM. While slightly more exciting, it wasn't entirely true.)