FC BrewHaHa 2006
June 18th, 2006 vs. Big Happy Team Too
6-0 Victory

Mike: Poor Big Happy. First we stole Jeannette from them (what the heck has happened to Jeannette anyways?), now we wallop them on opening day. It was a doomed contest from the start, as they lined up one man down, meaning no subs and a bunch of players sucking air in the California heat.

Now I'm pretty sure we started the scoring early, but I really don't know. Oh yeah, our new recruit Kate scored. Now usually we don't like the new people showing off and making the old timers feel bad, but things are getting loose around the FCB camp so why not. Our statistician Heather credited the Big Happy goalie with the goal, but the real story here was the post goal celebration. No, I'm not talking about Kate, but rather about assist getter Arthur. Taking a page out of Ghana's handbook, he tested each of his feet to see just how hot they were.

We continued with a goal from Grant, who was not to be denied just because he was playing on defense, and it kind of continued from there.

In worse news, Bea suffered a bit of a hamstring pull in the first half, hopefully nothing major. The pain clearly numbed her senses, as she ended up volunteering for several managerial tasks after the game. Gael was happiest of everybody, as not only did he post a shutout, but he was thrilled that there was not a single foul all game. I guess we weren't trying hard enough.

The prettiest moment of the game though came on a corner kick from Kate on the left side. Okay, nevermind, that was the goal I scored and it wasn't that pretty. Mostly the defenders were kind of short, and too tired to do any jumping!

PS: See how boring this was? There's a reason I don't usually write these, I'm expecting better to read while I'm down in San Diego!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Kate from Arthur
  2. Grant from Arthur and Marie
  3. Thomas from Jeff and Arthur
  4. Jayson from Kate
  5. Mike from Kate
  6. Grant from Mike and Gael