FC BrewHaHa 2006
July 16th, 2006 vs. Battling Geezers
2-1 Win

Mike: With myself dishonorably discharged, Brian MIA and Jayson with a Euro-keyboard, we have no summary, how sad. We'll have to turn to an email from Arthur for any tidbits from the game

Arthur: we did good yesterday. I had a great chance! Daniel at the right corner of 18, rolled the ball to me closer to the middle, nobody stepped up, so I took a step forward and shot into the far (left) corner. it had decent power but the ball grazed the outside of the post. gotta work on my aim. DiCarlo said if it hadn't touched the post I would be doing push-ups :) After my other shot I did a push-up. Daniel got his assist anyway, through Jason, and Marie.

Mike: I'm sure Arthur would have capitalized his sentences had he known this would go public! After I accused him of leaving his post at D (and Daniel too), this was Arthur's response...

Arthur: Well, Daniel was playing in midfield at the time. And Matt was doing such a great job that as a stopper I felt confident to sneak up and take a shot.

btw, DiCarlo had a few good headers which were on goal. he is a regular header-winning-shooting-it-on-goal machine.

Mike: That sounds like a silly kind of machine. I wish he could just score like in the old days!

Erin: O'Foully!

Scoring Summary:

  1. Marie from Erin on a throw-in
  2. Marie from Jayson and Daniel