FC BrewHaHa 2006
July 23rd, 2006 vs. Rhythm and Blues
3-2 Win

Arthur: ok, Mike clearly wants summaries and we want Mike for the tournament. Am I the only one who feels that there may be some room for agreement here :) Mike?

Lets consider this summary our first gesture of good will.

Disclosure: I am not going to pretend that this is a game summary. This is only a scoring summary. Boy, do I look forward to Mike coming to the game and writing an entertaining summary afterwards. Perhaps he'll be playing in the tourney on August 26 and 27.

Big thanks to Doug and Gennie(sp?) who were subbing for us, and of course for the person who recruited them (I think Julie). It was a hot day and it would be a real pain to play without subs.

Overall, the team showed great effort and composure. Even after falling behind we continued to play smart, looked to pass and created chances.

Gael was solid in goal and made a number of good saves including stopping some low shots with non-trivial bounces. we kept him busy by letting the other team shoot from a distance. A couple of times we let them in too close and it backfired.

Blues scored first. Early in the game a quick clearance by the Blues made its way over the heads of our defenders and into the path of their speedy forward.

The second half started with FC Brewhaha down by a goal.

After another tough defensive stand, Doug found Jeff with a low pass somewhere around the middle of the field. Jeff made a run deep into the right side of the box (which drew a good chunk of defense and the goalie to the right) and sent a nice low cross. Ramsey, supporting Jeff with a well-timed run, connected with the cross inside the 6 yard box on the far post. Ramsey gave our spectators a little demo of a clinical finish as he calmly put a low one-touch shot into an open side of the goal. It sounds simple but I assure you we have seen shots from that spot sail over the cross bar.

Jeff came back to help defend, stole the ball around the stopper area and realized that Blues' sweeper was around midfield and the only obstacle between Jeff and the goal. At this point Jeff smiled on the inside (he must have liked all that open space) and made a 50 yard sprint to his favorite right side of the box. After a slightly less than perfect pass (that might have been a deflected shot) ball found Thomas in the box and the goalie was helpless. I am sure it was a spectacular goal, unfortunately, I can't remember how it happened.

As we took the lead the tired Blues team was forced to attack more and that was exactly what Gael was waiting for. After we lured them onto our side of the field and another one of their 'easy pickins' shots, Gael quickly threw the ball in. A ball rolling right down the middle of the field clearly surprised the Blues. But not as much as a quick through pass from Arthur and an even more unexpected appearance of Jeff on the left side of the field. After another good dash, and with the poise of a well-seasoned striker, Jeff dropped an overenthusiastic goalie to the ground with a nifty fake and scored emphatically into the open net.

Blues came back and scored another goal when their stopper found himself all alone in front of our goal.

But, this ending sounds better: "Jeff dropped an overenthusiastic goalie to the ground with a nifty fake and scored emphatically into the open net."

Scoring Summary:

  1. Ramsey from Jeff and Doug
  2. Thomas from Jeff (stole the ball on defense!)
  3. Jeff from Arthur and Gael