FC BrewHaHa 2006
July 30th, 2006 vs. Purple Dweebs
7-0 Win

Mike: I discovered something this week. The key to getting multiple game summaries is simply to be really lazy, and not post the first one you get. Eventually somebody else will feel guilty, write their own summary, and you have some bonus material. In that spirit, I present, in chronological order of receipt, the July 30th game as seen by both Brian and Jeff! To be fair, Jeff was working from a copy of the stats that Julie had taken down, so if he comes across as more accurate that might be why. Poor Brian was going from memory, and it's hard to remember seven goals. Poor Dweebs.

Brian: Here's pretty much how it went today:

The purple Dweebs organization has gone downhill.

Gael wasn't there today. Too bad - I still have some smack to talk, since I haven't seen him since June, but I guess I have 4 years for that?

Ramsey filled in at Goalie, with Arthur playing solid at Sweeper. Okay, cut to the chase, this game was about us scoring, mostly, and of course the dogs.

First goal: I can't remember. DiCarlo got it, on a nice pass from Marie, and Bill I think.

Second goal: Thomas from Susan from Brian. They just gave Thomas too much time in the box. With that much time Mike, Jeff or Brian would have surely put the shot over the goal.

Third goal: Prettiest goal of the half, maybe the game. Marie sends a huge cross from the left corner to the right side - nobody sees it. DiCarlo runs it down and sends a big cross back. The goalie comes out, but loses the battle with Thomas' header, which easily goes in.

Half time: Ramsey comes out, after a good half. Dogs: Okay, does anyone else think Lucy should get an orange shirt and play soccer? During Ramsey's *windup* to throw the ball, she crossed the entire field. Cyclone, the newest addition, is Jen's beagle. Very cute! Dave didn't seem to think so, but Dave can be a bit cranky.

Fourth goal: Their sweeper lets a ball roll out, and I decide that I can get before it goes out. Man, if only we could pull this against teal! Susan is wide open for the pass and goal on the other side of the net.

Fifth goal: Susan returns the favor - pass to Brian. Brian almost trips over it, setting up a shot, then decides to think like Thomas and shoot it in.

Sixth goal: Thomas. I have no idea, but it was a pretty shot to the far left side.

D. Well DiCarlo made this *huge* diving save on a curving ball, like the one that the German goalie failed to stop in the semifinal. Not to be outdone, once Arthur took over he made several stops on the "corners of doom" sequence. It would be nice if we had a sweeper who could just clear the ball in one swoop of the leg, but he's in San Diego.

A bunch of other stuff happened too. Everyone played well, but to be honest the purple dweebs are rebuilding still.

I'm looking forward to next week.

Jeff: Julie took stats (on a laptop!) during the game like she was going to write the game summary, but for some reason, there is no summary. If Academic Julie was still around, this would have never happened! So, I am left to write the summary. I should of thought through the consequences of pushing Julie to become Corporate Julie.

On to the game summary, this week we played the Purple Dweebs, a team we always enjoy playing. After all, we love both Dweeb teams (see Mike's 2005 final write-up for more details (Mike: here and here) ). The game was at 9am, and we did an excellent job of showing up at least 5 minutes before the game. Mike would have been sooo proud!

Without Gael in goal, a long debate occurred among the guys to pick our goalkeeper. We would still be debating right now if it was not for Ramsey volunteering to play the first half. Thanks Ramsey!

Game started with some nice passing by Brewhaha. We have really seemed to develop a great passing game this year! Keep it up. A nice pass up the line to Bill (our sub this week) by Susan led to pass to an open Jeff at the top of 18. A quick trap and a left-footed shot made the game 1-0.

Minutes later Erin passed the ball to Brian. I think he took a shot that deflected to Thomas, who finish it to make it 2-0.

After great defense by Daniel, Arthur and Laura, which left Ramsey watching the game from the goal, Erin found Marie on the sideline. Marie did a long-cross that cleared everyone. Jeff ran it down and crossed it back in. Thomas, with the goalkeeper pressuring, managed to head the ball into the net to make it 3-0.

The last goal before the half I do not remember the details, but Thomas scored again to make it 4-0 with assists from Carmen and Jeff. Someone has to talk to Thomas about scoring too much!

At half, a Rosham game between Arthur, Daniel and Jeff occurred to determine the next goalkeeper. After it became quickly apparent Arthur had no idea how to Rosham, Jeff volunteered to play keeper for the next quarter. Arthur, feeling guilty, volunteered for the last quarter. (Mike: In Canada we call it Rock, Paper, Scissors)

In the second half, Brian made a beautiful run down the side-line off of a goal kick. Brian, never a scorer always an assister, chipped it over to Susan, who placed it in the net to make it 5-0.

After some questionable off-sides calls on Brewhaha (as I was told numerous times by Brian), Dweebs had their first good chance to score, but Jeff made a nice stretching save. (Personally, I think it was going wide, but I am copying from Julie's notes.)

Brian, who showed off by juggling it around for a minute (Julie's notes), passed to Thomas who found Susan who found Brian. Brian scored to make it 6-0 and then tried with no success to get credit for both the goal and the assist.

After Carmen demonstrated her patented butt-trap, twice, Ramsey hit Thomas who could not resist but to score again to make it 7-0. I am fussy on the details here, but after 7 goals can you blame me! (Mike: Fuzzy?)

Well, you think that would be the end of the summary, but this is when we started to get lazy on defense. Who can blame us...it was the first game in the morning, we were tired, and we were winning by 7. Anyways, our lack of defense led to Arthur showing off his skills in the net. The Dweebs had NUMEROUS opportunities all of which Arthur saved using a combination of quick hands and fast feet. I wish we had it on video tape. Next time Gael is gone, Arthur is our keeper!

I cannot forget to mention all our fans. Heather, Julie and Bea were heard cheering during the whole game. Lucy, Dave, Molly and Jen's little pup also barked us on.

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jeff from Bill and Susan
  2. Thomas from Brian and Erin
  3. Thomas from Jeff and Marie
  4. Thomas from Jeff and Carmen
  5. Susan from Brian and Jeff
  6. Brian from Susan and Thomas
  7. Thomas from Ramsey