FC BrewHaHa 2006
August 6th, 2006 vs. Teal Dweebs
4-1 Win

Brian: Teal were missing their sweeper too. They scored an easy goal after I convinced Gael and Matt that I'm a bad goal-kick taker!

DiCarlo stole a ball from their defender, went in and scored, though the goalie got a hand on it. It was 1-1 until half.

Second half we got a couple of virtually identical goals with DiCarlo going deep to the right and rolling an easy cross first to me, then to Kate. Teal missed their sweeper, but not as much as us. Some time later, DiCarlo found Thomas, who shot it in off their defender for 4-0. (Mike: 4-1, Brian is an optimist)

Other game notes: Laura shut down Sandra. Sandra gets what she deserved for not switching to FCB years ago. We also outdrank the Dweebs after the game - a first. Arthur was quietly accused of "a couple of dirty plays." But not by mainstream dweebs, so no worries. (Mike: Arthur? Dirty plays? Never?!)

Scoring Summary:

  1. Jeff unassisted
  2. Brian from Jeff
  3. Kate from Jeff
  4. Thomas from Teal Dweebs