FC BrewHaHa 2006
Annual Tournament: August 26th and 27th, 2006
Final Record: 6W - 0L - 0T

Mike: This is kind of sad. Can't even get a proper summary for the biggest soccer event of the year. Oh well.

Brian: Tournament notes, not really for publication...
* We won, over Herons, 3-1. Final game highlights are 2 goals by DiCarlo, and the last by Jen.
* I have never seen us pass so well - thank Jaysen, Kate, Matt for that I think.
* I hope you heard about Arthur's red card. That, aside from winning the tournament, and the fact that we all wished you were there, is probably the most talked about thing all weekend.
* DiCarlo won the sprint race again. I was a distant 4th with Bill making a last second surge, and Matt being solid. Jaysen claims he can beat DiCarlo, but was hurt, so the sprint will live on! (Mike: No way can Jayson beat DC!)

Mike: So in absence of any other news, I present a detailed account of Arthur's Red Card, straight from the horse's mouth...

Arthur: score 0 : 0

in the 2nd minute of the game Jayson gets into the right corner of the opposing penalty box, beats his man with a quick move to the right, and gets tripped up. All of this 5 yards away from our favorite ref Lou.

You guessed it, no call. We protest meekly, but let it go (remember it's only 2nd minute).

After a few minutes we get a corner kick from the left side. Kate sends a high arching ball right into the middle of the crowd gathered on the 6. Jayson makes a great adjustment to the ball and heads it high into the left side of the goal. we calm down and hold our own.

At the half, I ask Lou "what happened there? it was right in front of you?" And he replies: "What? you wanted me to give you a penalty kick?" Flustered by the unexpected response, I mumble "was it not a foul?" He just laughed it off without giving an answer.

We start the Second half leading 1 : 0

I can't remember too well (it was our first game) but I think it was Thomas who scored our second goal. we celebrated, but it did not last.

Only a few minutes later, we had a little difficulty with clearing the ball on our side and it bounced right to their impressive striker #4 deep inside our box. Brian and I tried to converge on him but he took less than a second to release a decent shot from about 7/8 yards from the goal. we can't blame Gael for not stopping it.

so, the score is 2 : 1 and our workman like approach is back.

At one point Jayson beats his guy on the left side deep in the penalty box, gets completely around the defender, and has the ball and the goal in front of him. Suddenly, Jayson falls and the play continues. Now, this play was pretty far from me, but Brian who saw it well flatly pronounced that it was a clear hack.

This time it was our "Ukrainian wanna be friend" ref that did not see anything.

ok, we put a token protest again. and the game goes on.

A few minutes later one of the Herons makes a run parallel to the top of our box. Thomas gets there to meet him, so the Heron pushes the ball passed Thomas and launches himself after the ball (very much Italian style).

Lou blows, and gives them a direct kick. At this point I inquire somewhat emotionally "Common, can you be any more biased?"

He gives me a yellow, and wants me to leave the field. DiCarlo comes in, and I sub out.

Few minutes later I am on the sidelines chit-chatting with Red socks and Teal Dweebs telling them about the bad calls.

Lou is on the far side of the field, "Commie sympathizer" is on our side but across the 50yard line from us.

A couple more minutes go by, I come back to our bench area and exchange a few words with Grant. One thing leads to another and the subject of refs comes up. So, not used to hiding my feelings I say pointing in Lou's direction "And that ref has the worst attitude of them all".

So, while the play continues on the other side of the field, the "commie" turns in our direction and pulls out his card box. He walks towards our area with his brow furrowed and his nostrils flaring. "That's it, I heard what you said" he shows me a yellow and a red. "You have to leave the field." "I am not on the field!" "No, we are not going to play until you leave the field." "I am not on the field!" "Common, Arthur, go to our tent." - Grant injects a voice of reason and saves the situation from turning uglier.

I walk to our tent and keep thinking can I get a card on the sidelines? for sharing my feelings with my teammates?

For the rest of the game the team is battling Herons and I am watching from the tent behind the goal.

Herons are desperate to equalize but, defense holds and we win 2:1.

The man comes to collect a fine. I miss the next game. And the story travels to other fields.

We got the same field and the same refs for the second game. Brian had a chance to talk to the refs during the second game, so he got some gems from them too.

Yeah, I can't believe you missed my first red!