FC BrewHaHa Game Summary

February 27, 2005
3 - 0 Win Vs. Hurricanes

Our first game of the year, and we're off to a great start!

First of all, welcome to our new players Jill and Helen! And Jennifer, thanks for keeping me company on the sidelines, hope you heal the heel soon. (Actually, technically I guess Eva's new, though it didn't seem like it since she's subbed in the past!)

Secondly, if anyone's better at writing post-game summaries, feel free to volunteer!! As much as I'll try to remember the highlights, I'm sure I'll forget something. (probably a lot, as I'm currently distracted by the Oscars.)

The Hurricanes gave us a good match. They're back without the barking coach, and with a really good goalie. However, she was still no match for a couple nice shots from Eva on the side! In the second half, tired of Eva getting all the glory, Allison sunk a nice one that I'm embarrassed to say I was looking down during. However, the subs on the side confirmed a beautiful shot. Some great shots on goal by Kris, who did a great job at center midfield- keep taking those! I'd have to say the most memorable play of the game was LA's great save- way to step in and get the ball outa there!

Overall, nice passing work by everyone on the field. Let's keep it up for next week, and remember to keep talking too.


  1. Eva From Allison and Pam
  2. Eva from Allison and Pam
  3. Allison from Eva (corner)